Saturday, May 7, 2016

Charles Manson Inside Detective March 1970

this is interesting cos it came out just as the trial was underway. March 1970. That cover is fantastic. My favorite Manson blog is here: Manson Blog

Friday, May 6, 2016

Todd Moore, poet

Todd Moore was a great poet. He passed away six years ago. I couldn't find too much material on the web so I put this up so everyone could enjoy him. 
and here's a book: Riddle of the Wooden Gun
his son is a writer, some type of rock critick: Theron Moore all my friends are rock stars now i haven't read this yet so I don't know.
Todd Moore sent me some poems for a fanzine that never came out back in the 90's. I'll put those up soon.

Frank Zappa the Mothers promo shot 1970

i was depressed so i bought myself something (I dont buy records anymore) this photo is from 1970 (i got it from a reliable source, but it was given out on the 70-71 tours) The guy with the big hair is Jeff Simmons, George Duke was on the 70 tour and came back in 73. That's Jim Pons from the Leaves/Turtles pointing. The film music guy Ian Underwood is in the foreground. he lives in lake oswego. This is the Fillmore East band, tho with a mediocre keyboardist that Don Preston replaced. (So it's half of the Turtles + George Duke + a Yale grad specializing in Mozart (ian) + that mustached guy)