Sunday, April 6, 2014

am i done burning bridges, im not sure

but withdrawal is when you see what’s on the end of everyone’s fork. People don’t die all at once, they die in bits and pieces. Then one day they’re just gone. The flags over the Confederate cemetery ripple in the wind.
     It’s not as hard as you might think. All you have to do is just picture them and watch their features become reptilian. It’s easy, every time you see them all you gotta do is picture frogs dropping on them, raining down the earth. If you try to do a serious curse, a perfectly pointed one with wax and candles and holes in the ground.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

the GA Autumn

I heard an Atlanta band called the Judys and it made me want to hear Bowie. I’ve been listening to Bowie-I’m writing about the RAF and since “Heroes” was recorded during the German Autumn of 77 (and “low” was mixed in Berlin, it came out that year, that was the new Bowie album six months before TG tho they were gigging, Boyd Rice was recording the Black Album at this time too and of course “Animals” with the big pig, 77 the year of the Pig?) so I’ve been listening Bowie and I sorta like it-I never was that into him, I respected him but I never got into the whole worship thing like I did with Lou, some people get like really into him and they’d play you “Ziggy Stardust” w/ one hand in the air lecturing you on the significance of the “story” like it was Beckett or Brecht or something-of course we owe him for helping Iggy & Lou- I’ve known people into him, obviously Zowie Fenderblast- and the other thing too, there is a bill under consideration about giving amnesty to people reporting overdoses.  And they should give amnesty to people who report overdoses. I can picture a woman that might be alive if the people she was partying with would have called 911. Yeah. We should emphasize the Christian concept of wanting to help the Samaritan. Later there will be plenty of time to discuss the legal and ethical implications of substance abuse. So I was thinking about the singer from the Judys. He got 20 years cos he didn’t call an ambulance. If they pass this bill will U be eligible for resentencing? And that’s a sad story. I read that and I caught a glimpse of someone’s face, it was mine and I’d been crying. They left that chick in a car trunk man. Can the world be as sad as it seems? my concept right now is leaning towards Marietta as a strategic hamlet on the edge of a crumbling empire. FDR dying in GA takes on a metaphoric resonance. GA is an intellectual South Vietnam, propped up by media-industrial complex. The Chicago police chased the Blues Brothers ten years after the Democratic Convention, after the Days of Rage. The intense military assault resembled Boston last year. Panic in Detroit. Jean Genet in Chicago w/ Burroughs & Ginsberg. I’m calling it the GA Autumn cos America is finally looking in the mirror as the post ww2 world comes APART At the end of the only Bush Administration driving up Lexington Avenue in the thirty block area, probably like 930 it was spring and cool-on one of the ledges I saw an owl. I thought it was a plastic model to scare the pigeons; suddenly it turned its head! Blew my mind. I wonder if creativity can change a social relationship.


The GA Autumn

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The GA Autumn

I like the second better. The GA Autumn is new book I'm writing. It's about contemplating mortality.

Monday, February 24, 2014

sun in pisces moon in sagittarius

where the 120 Loop began...

tamara wyndham sent me the mermaid from coney island 99