Sunday, September 18, 2016

cash registers at hank's saloon


  1. Hey Jim! A letter I wrote to you came back Returned to Sender today! What's the story, Morning Glory? You shut down your PO Box? -Stratu

  2. hey stuart! that is the worst fucking post office in the United States they send my mail back ALL the TIME-shut that box down, what and lose the glory? po box 1459, 30061-that's me-fourteen years now, and they know it's my mail-UGH i am well hope you are

  3. Okay I'll just re-post then. Those bastards! XD You know, the same thing happened with a letter I sent recently to Ken Bausert [one of the Elder Statesmen of US zining! - he's retired] - the idiots at his post office sent it back to me, even though he had not changed his address. ... Oh well, I'm glad to hear from you! And glad you're well! I am too! At last! XD